Sunshine after Rain

I’m back in KL for 1 month already. No longer with GalaxyMacau =) I’m back for good and soon I’m leaving for good as well =)

Anyway, within these half year, I have a family ( Mummy Zoe, Zera & Venus) which I love. We talk, laughed, and talked again of all the things we can think of. Much more, we lived under one roof in Macau. Right now, Venus is back here as well, Zera, met her man & is based in Beijing. Mummy is left in Macau. No worries, we’re still close no matter rain or shine =) And soon we’ll be reunited.

Life is beautiful for us to explore.  I’m putting myself brave enough to try new things.

Things I learnt:
1) Malaysians are friendly =) I mean it.
2) Hong Kong-ers are the fastest people in completing their daily activities, not forgetting fastest to double up their income.
3) China men may appear ragged but you will never know they might be richer than anyone you can ever think of.
4) Malaysian are under-paid. For real. Smart and reliable, but receiving little locally.
5) Macanese have old-fashioned thinkings. They live forever in their island thinking its the best and safest place to be at. (Well, they are considered lucky. Paid well, work little.)

As stated, nothing is Perfect =)

Here’s some photo’s of my “family” and my 21st days =) ❤

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Life Changes

Finally I’ve got time to write again. Reason: I’m waiting for my medical check up report at the hospital. Hope it will be fine. Well, 5 months now. Still surviving 🙂 5 more days to my flight back to KL and my 21st Birthday :)) Cant wait! Missing everyone back there.
Seems like I’m used to my daily routine here except for one thing. The pain on my feet of standing and walking for so long in high heels. Well, in life there’s no free meals. This is the sacrifice that I have to give for my big pack salary.
I was in the VIP private salon yesterday for my whole shift. Our MIP was here. A Hong Kong citizen, identity disclosed 🙂 There’s winning and loses. Gambling is just like a family game for them. Minimum HKD10000 on each bet is just ‘sap sap sui’. He’s one hard person to serve however :S He’s well known for his superb bad temper to everyone. BUT, from my experience, he’s amazingly nice to his family. One thing that I respect. I’ve never been scolded by him up till now coz I know what he wants and what he does’t like. In fact, I admit that he’s a very smart person thats y he doesn’t accept ANY mistakes. I pity the dealers, supervisors and other table games staffs as for sure he will be screaming on them each time he comes.
Anyway, how i wished i have one of his 100k chips. One is already enough for me =p





It’s been 8 months since i last wrote. I’m now in Macau, attached with Galaxy Macau as their VIP Service Ambassador. There’s a humongous change to my life, people around me, etc. Of course, I miss my home and my besties. But i want my life to be busy yet contented. I like Macau, sincerely. There’s no one to distrupt my emotion 🙂 Its a good place for me to start learning.














Well, I’ve been missing out hell loads on my bloggie.
I’ve got too much to blog right now actually, but time is gold and I havent got much of it recently.

Firstly, I’ll start off with my 20th Birthday celebration. Celebrated my birthday this year at The Countess, Plaza Kelana Jaya. Its a nice place that I’ve chosen personally=)

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Next, did I mentioned that I’ve got myself a full-time job? =)
Yes, I’m now a sales consultant at Celebrity Fitness Kepong Village~ Opening on Oct 15th =)

The thing is, its a good job, but with loads of stress almost everyday! Praying HARD i could make it till the end because at the end of the month my payslip will be satisfying =)

And there’s something that I’ve to put focus on. I’ve gained like 635273290929093kgs since few months ago?? T.T
My goal now is to loose 10kg. Shit wey.Work hard!

Angel’s Wings

Okay. The truth is out. The truth actually gave me a big shock. They got together in a sudden. And dissapeared together. Well, god bless them.
Anyway, like Jie said, this thing actually made me and PuiYee friends. Friends that understand each other =)
PuiYee actually hurt deep down inside. Hope she will get better day by day.

Forget the complications, I’ll continue with something awesome =) Well, at least I’m enjoying it.
3rd July – Went for photoshoot at FRIM with baby EnRu, Jie’s baby daughter ❤
Photographer: Danny Lee, Kenneth Ooi
4th July – Photoshoot at Kuala Selangor with Yvonne Lee Yiwen ❤
Photographer: Thomas Yong, Leon Lee & Abel Woo (EOS DSLR)

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Sunrise @ Port Dickson 27th June 2010

Went to PD with Newlife. Intended to see the sunrise, but too bad we couldn’t make it on time =(
Reached the beach around 7am. The view was awesome with the rainbow on the blue sky ❤ It’s great to enjoy the morning with them =)

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After the outing, my nightmare begins.
It seemed like I cant trust anybody anymore. Just because of the rumours those people are spreading for months, he finally couldn’t bear it.
The truth is, we are REALLY just close friend but people around are making our lives irritated. Maybe during and after the outing, he got really annoyed by those continuous words they are saying. Maybe if it was me, I’ll get really annoyed too. But I wouldn’t hurt him as well as myself. Just like how he hurt me. My life was too used to having him by my side, him calling me times and times a day, him accompanying me and vice versa. Maybe that was why I felt hurt after he decided to end our close friendship. He said we should not be so close anymore and should keep our distance. Everything turned 360 degree in just 1 night. Awesome rite? But I couldn’t take it. Thanks for all who made this happened to us. I couldn’t stand it and burst into tears.
This made me realized that there’s no one that I can go to as all my close friends are involved as well. No matter who I find, they will still talk about us. I wanted to leave that situation so I went to Yvonne. Thanks girl for giving me your time ❤ At least I still have you. And please be strong k? I know how it feels for losing someone you love but things just couldn’t be right.
I couldn’t go back home that night. I don’t want to be alone and  I can’t. Thanks to Sheng for taking me in that night. What surprised me was that he showed his care. He used to be so cool to me but now I can really see it. Thanks for making me laugh, translating the movie script for me, waiting for me, giving me your pillow,… It was sweet =) I felt much better after stepping out from the situation. I wouldn’t have been so strong if I was alone.
Just imagine your close friend that you do things together just leave you in a glimpse of an eye.  Whats more I’m close to his family as well. Maybe people are trying to break us apart like what always happen to me, well you’ve won.
Maybe this is good for me to think about it. Too much of maybe..
Well, I’m a strong girl and I’m ok now.

Baby KJ’s dad fell sick again. After recovering from the cancerous cells 2 times, they came back again =(
Praying that he will be alright once again.

My dad’s neuro check-up is due in a week. I hope the results are satisfying.

Its my last semester at Raffles and then I’ll go for my internship. Can’t wait for all these to happen. And then, I’ll go for my dream.
I really wish that time could either go backwards or forward. I just don’t like it now.

By the way there’s something that I wanted to confess. I regretted for the past. I regret that I did not treat him better. I regret that I did not show him more love and care like he did. It’s not that I don’t but I just don’t know how to. I’m sorry if I ever made you dissapointed. He’s very happy with the relationship he is in now, and I’m glad he is =) You deserve it ❤

Well, god bless me by facing all these strongly and my symptoms won’t continue cause it’s scaring the shit out of me.

En Ru-his sis’s daughter =)

Michelin Penang 2010 <3

Alrite, here’s the post on the Michelin Roadshow 2010 at Penang, our favourite working island =)
As I mentioned, Chuan and the guys came to Penang on Saturday morning. They stayed over with us at Vistana Hotel and Apartment. Guys being guys, the place can never be neat and tidy, which made Nellie got kinda mad for a while. LOL
They were super active, playing and fooling around. Even Serena joined in the “party”. Lol. Luckily we did not get any complains from next door coz we would never stop making noises till late at night everyday without fail. @.@
I’m being a good good girl. ^^ Hide myself in the room much earlier. Haha
Well, I’ve stopped going to club since months and months ago as I’ve kinda lost the feel to club. On Saturday night, we went to MOIS. Penang’s hottest club and I agree with that statement =) I enjoyed myself very well. It was an awesome place. Good music. Reminds me of MasterK’s spinning. =)

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I would also liked to post on something hearbreaking now. Thiam left us on 25th May 2010 to a car accident. It was a shocking news. His departure made me realised that our lives are so fragile. This made me loves and treasure my family and friends more than before. Newlife and me went for his funeral. I couldnt stop my tears from flowing down. But i’m glad that his face still looks perfect. People out there, please love your life and drive safely. Nothing is more important tha your own safety.
Yeow Thian, Rest in Peace. =(

Standing row, first from the right.

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